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Philippe FOUBERT

Philippe FOUBERT
Philippe FOUBERT
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  • Philippe Foubert was born in Marseille in 1983.
  • He first received is D.U.T in Telecommunications and Networking from IUT GTR, Sophia-Antipolis, France in 2004.
  • He then received a Second class, upper division B.Eng (Honours) in Computer Networks & Distributed Systems accredited by the British Computer Society, from NAPIER University, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • During his studies, he performed an internship at Sita-Equant in Sophia-Antipolis where he was a Help desk-technical support level 2 team member.
  • Afterwards for his B.Eng, he achieved an Honours dissertation based on the "Analysis of routing issues in Mobile Networks" which gave him basis of network mobility.
  • In the beginning of 2007, he joined the Mobile Communications Department of EURECOM in order to bring his help to the UMTS platform.
  • In addition, Philippe is a member of the DAIDALOS II European project team and is in charge of Linux kernels on real-time systems.