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Eurecom - Communication systems 
Research Engineer
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Current research topics

  • Multi-user information theory
  • Multi-user detection and beamforming
  • Large system analysis of communications networks
  • Design of cooperative, ecloud-based, and satellite networks
  • MIMO communications
  • Crosslayer design
  • Resource allocation
  • Random matrix theory
  • Game theory

Current research interests

  • She is interested in signal processing, multiuser information and communications theory for wireless networks.
  • More specifically, her work is focused on the fundamental limits and design criteria of large wireless systems by making use of random matrix theory and free probability.
  • Resource allocation with cooperative and opportunistic schemes and crosslayer design, eventually based on game theory, ad-hoc networks are also primary research interests.

Current research memberships

  • Laura Cottatellucci is co-editor of the special issue Cooperative communications in Wireless Networks for EURASIP "Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking".
  • She is co-chair of RAWNET/WCN3 2009 in WiOpt and member of numerous technical program committees in international conferences.
  • L. Cottatellucci is coauthor of two books: "Smart antennas in Europe - State of the art", EURASIP book series on Applied Signal Processing, Hindawi, 2005 and "RRM in Wimax: from theoretical capacity to system simulations", Wiley and Iste, 2008

Selected publications