Research Projects

The Communications Theory group currently works on the following funded research projects. Additional projects are currently in preparation. If you are interested to collaborate in our collaborative projects as a partner institution or as an individual researcher (PhD, postdoc, engineer,..) please send an email or consult our PhD and postdoc hiring offers on the main EURECOM web site.

Past collaborative (ANR or EU funded) projects are listed as part of the department level project page.




EUROPEEN PROJECTS 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

Project start date

E-CROPS Energy harvesting Communication netwoRks: OPtimization and demonStration 02/2013
WHERE2 Wireless hybrid enhanced mobile radio estimators 07/2010
SACRA Spectrum and energy efficiency through multi-band cognitive radio 01/2010
NEWCOM# Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications 11/2012
HARP High capacity network Architecture with Remote radio heads & Parasitic antenna arrays 11/2012
SPECTRA Spectrum and energy efficiency in 4G communication systems and beyond 09/2010





DIONISOS High DImensiONal statIstical Signal prOceSsing (ANR - Started 28/09/2012)
LICORNE Leveraging Insurance for services providers cohabitation over Cognitive Radio Networks
IMAGE-NET Gestion d'interférence pour les réseaux favorables à l'environnement
SHARING Self-organized Heterogeneous Advanced RadIo Networks Generation




Company name



Adaptive Satellite Communications

Intel Labs Sophia Antipolis "Interference Coordination for Cloud-based Radio Access Networks"
Orange Labs Novel Feedback design in distributed cooperative wireless network
Mitsubishi Electric Research Europe Virtual MIMO technologies for robust wireless mesh deployments