Networked Systems

The Research Group focusses on Systems oriented research and aims at bringing ideas to life through experimentation

It addresses Protocols and network architecture as well as PHY and MAC design on the wireless access.

The group contributes  the OpenAirInterface  developments in order to setup real time and emulation experimental platforms.

It also studies and experiments Service oriented networking via MOSAIC5G platforms based on Virtualization and Software Defined Networking

Various application domains and systems are addressed by our research, amongst them:

  • Public Safety Networks, Alerting Networks, Moving Cells

  • LTE Advanced Networks for Broad Band Services and Machine 2 Machine Communications (NB IoT, LTE M)

  • Vehicular Networks (V2X),  LTE D2D

  • Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

 The Research Group put efforts in contributing actively to the standardization bodies: ETSI, OneM2M, W3C



Wireless technology platform for deployment of mock networks (Cellular + Mesh + D2D)

platform for real-time road traffic management solutions

Agile Network Service Delivery Platforms