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Projects are at the heart of EURECOM’s research
activity. They generate the financial and human
resources needed to develop the scientific exploration
of a topic. One of their many benefits is the wealth
resulting from the collaborative work with partners.
Focused on EURECOM’s specialties–networks and
security, multimedia communications, and mobile
communications–the research program is directed
by the members of the scientific committee who are
representatives of the Consortium’s members.
EURECOM constantly monitors the developments
of its expertise areas and identifies emerging
topics to help direct its exploratory research.
In 2006, EURECOM and Institute Mines Telecom
received the Carnot Label based largely on
their strong ties with industry. The label is
awarded to research organizations who build
their research around partnerships.
On September 22 in Trondheim, Norway,
the Faculty of Information Technology,
Mathematics and Electrical Engineering
of NTNU and EURECOM jointly organized
a workshop on the key challenges of net-
work security, wireless communications
and multimedia processing.
Open to students and researchers, the
three sessions were designed to foster
exchanges, and develop new ideas and
Chair: Prof. Yuming Jiang (NTNU)
Chair: Prof. Nick Evans (EURECOM)
Chair: Dr. Kimmo Kansanen (NTNU)
Preview of the future communication systems
been published. Written under
the direction of Benoît Huet and
Raphaël Trondy, the bookpresents
the latest results that aimat
narrowing themultimedia semantic
gap: the large disparity between
descriptions of multimedia content
that can be computed automatically,
and the richness and subjectivity
of semantics in user queries
and human interpretations of
audiovisual media.
Welcome to PatrickLoiseau, who joins the teacher-researcher
teamafter an international recruitment process. Patrick’smain
research areas aremeasurement, stochasticmodeling and network
economics. Hewill reinforce EURECOM’s theoretical expertise in
probability, statistics and game theory. He is particularly interested
in applications related to performance evaluation, analysis of
large data sets, networkpricing (communications and electricity)
andmodeling of security problems. Hisworkhas been published
in renowned journals, and he has presented at conferences on
the subjects of networking (Sigmetrics, Performance, ToN) and
probability (Stoch. Proc. Appl.).
Aurélien joins EURECOMas associate professor. Aurélien’smain
research area is in security of embedded systems, operating systems
and networks. His experience ranges fromcode injection, code
attestation, hardward support to reinforce software security and
other topics related to security and the protection of confidentiality.
His research has been presented in top industry conferences (CCS,
NDSS, orWWW) and used inWiSec’11 and ACNS’11’s program
Innovative partnership research
The event was jointly organized by the
Technical University of Munich (TUM),
the LudwigMaximilian University (LMU),
and EURECOM with the support of the
French-German University (UFA). About
40Master’s students and young research-
ers met on the island of Frauenchiemsee
from July 17 to 22 to attend sessions
on extended distributed systems for
large data volumes, known as Big Data
Analytics. The conference also covered
topics ranging from systems developed
at Google, such as Google File System,
BigTable and MapReduce, to high-level
abstractions for parallel calculations such
as the stratosphere systemestablished by
Professor Markle’s team fromTU of Berlin.
Practical work on Hadoop, an open-
source implementation of MapReduce,
completed the presentations.
Students and researchers alike appre-
ciated the lively exchanges, including
during the lab sessions. EURECOM con-
tributed to the scientific coordination of
the event under the guidance of Professor
Ernst Biersack.
Summer School:
Challenges and
opportunities of cloud
World-renowned research
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