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of intelligent
Two promising topics—cloud computing and vehicular
communications—marked the year 2011 with several key research
events organized in cooperation with our European partners.
During a symposiumon September 30,
2011 in Sophia Antipolis, BMW, the
emblematic automobile manufacturer
and EURECOM presented the result of
six years of collaboration in the area of
intelligent transport systems.
EURECOM and BMW Forschung und
Technik GmbH are developing research
in intelligent transport systems for tomor-
row’s vehicles. The collaboration is con-
ducted via interdisciplinary teams who
are working on network technologies,
broadband wireless networks, mobility
and security. With information technol-
ogy, engineers can design innovative
driver-oriented features and services,
such as leisure functionalities or driver
assistance systems. The jointly con-
ducted research epitomizes the success
of the French-German cooperation. And
the participation of Technical University
of Munich, a BMW partner and member
of the EURECOM Consortium, reaffirms
the France-German strategic partnership
developed by EURECOM in 2006. This tri-
partite collaboration combines the excel-
lence and expertise of each party with the
stated goal of rapidly developing intel-
ligent information and communication
technologies for the automobile industry.
During the symposium, EURECOM and
BMW Research and Technology teams
conducted full-scale demonstrations
resulting from their collaboration on the
following projects:
(multistandard telematic platform for the
automobile) whose primary objective is
to improve road information systems for
enhanced traffic management through
inter-vehicle communication. The goal is
toworkonanewmulti-standard radio tele-
maticplatformdedicated to thecar industry.
Particularly flexible, the platform can run
different ETSI communication standards
used in vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastruc-
ture-to-vehicle communications.
EVITA, a European project to
secure embedded networks
The EVITA consortium, which includes
EURECOM’s long time members BMW
Research and Technology and Telecom
ParisTech, invited field experts to a
workshop near Frankfurt during the
2011 Car2Car Forum. EVITA has designed
Demonstration of the software radio platform
a full-fledged security architecture for
protecting a diverse array of automotive
Demonstrations featured the integra-
tion of EVITA into two BMW prototype
vehicles as an enabling technology for
the secure deployment of road safety and
driver privacy protection functionalities
in future vehicles. A joint event between
BMW and EURECOM in September had
previously highlighted some project
results to the international press.
EURECOMbrought major contributions
to the project, including the design and
implementation of security protocols
and an embedded software framework
for security. The protocols build on hard-
ware security modules which provide
for a secure and authenticated storage
for cryptographic credentials in order to
ensure the integrity of the whole on-board
The project website can be found at
a winning combination!
EVITA poster session
Graduate school and research center in communication systems