Research group

Fig: [Most of] the team on an unlucky grey Winter day (from Left to Right: Lorenzo Miretti, Shuang Qiu, Flavio Maschietti, Omid Esrafilian, Placido Mursia, David, Paul de Kerret, Harald Bayerlein, Italo Atzeni, Antonio Bazco-Nogueras, Rajeev Gangula)



Information and Decision in Tomorrow's Networks

Our  research activities lie in the area of theory and design of tomorrow's (wireless, mostly) communication networks,  with an emphasis on emerging scenarios featuring some intelligence and decision making at the edge nodes. Such networks include beyond5G (6G) networks AI-enhanced intelligent user terminals, and robotics-aided networks.  Our tools range from signal processing, information and communication theory, machine learning, optimization, system modeling and experimental platforms.

Some research topic examples include:

  • Efficient Multi-user algorithms and scheduling problems
  • Feedback in communications
  • The use of the spatial dimension in wireless networks (e.g. Massive MIMO systems)
  • Distributed processing and optimization,
  • Distributed machine learning for coordination, and team decisions
  • Interference management and exploitation
  • Cognitive networks
  • "Rebots" for beyond 5G (Robotic relays), theory and prototyping (see our Youtube videos!)
  •  Green (energy aware) networks towards 6G

Many of these topics were discussed under the ERC project "PERFUME" page. Click HERE to access.


Fig: Decentralized coordination (solving conflicts with limited communications)



Our Research Group



  • Prof. David Gesbert


Permanent Researchers:

  • Dr. Rajeev Gangula  


PhD students:

  • Mohamad Mestoukirdi (Coordinated learning for UAVs)
  • Matteo Zecchin (machine learning for decentralized decision networks)
  • Placido Mursia (signal processing methods for massive-MIMO enabled IoT), from Feb 1st 2018.
  • Lorenzo Miretti (Information theoretic bounds of coordinated systems), from Feb 2018
  • Harald Bayerlein (learning methods for flying RANs deployment), from March 2018.


  • Omid Esrafilian (Autonomous Flying Wireless Devices)


  • Shuang Qiu (HUST, Wuhan, China) 
  • Prof. Henk Wymeersch, Chalmers Univ., Fall 2016
  • Dr. Ayca Ozcelikkale, Chalmers Univ., Fall 2016
  • Colian Giannini, Univ. Bologna, 9/2016 - 5/2017
  • Prof. Antti Tolli, University of Oulu, Finland (10/2015 - 5/2016)

Alumni PhD students

  • Omid Esrafilian (Autonomous Flying Wireless Devices)
  • Flavio Maschietti (now researcher at SEQUANS COMMUNICATIONS)
  • Antonio Bazco (now postdoc at EURECOM)
  • Qianrui Li (Mistubishi Research, Rennes, France)
  • Haifan Yin (Now Full Prof. with HUST Wuhan, China - 1000 Talent Program)
  • Rajeev Gangula (Lead prototyping researcher on PERFUME project for UAV-aided networks)
  • Xinping Yi (Assistant Prof University of Liverpool, formerly postdoc at Technical University of Berlin)
  • Miltiades Filippou (Intel Mobile Communications, Munchen)
  • Paul de Kerret (ERC funded researcher at EURECOM)
  • Zuleita (Ka-Ming) Ho (postdoc with Prof. Eduard Jorswieck, TUD, Germany, now with Samsung Research)
  • Nadia Fawaz (postdoc MIT, USA, now with Techicolor, California) (won Best PhD prize under French Defense Labs)
  • Erhan Yilmaz (Industry, Turkey)
  • Saad Kiani (Telenor Research Labs, Oslo)
  • Marios Kountouris (Ass. Prof., SUPELEC, France)
  • Agisilaos Papadogiannis (postdoc Univ of York, Chalmers Sweden, now with the European Patent Office)
  • Hilde Skjevling (industry Norway)
  • Alberto Suarez (NEC, UK)
  • Randa Zakhour (postdoc in NUS Singapore, UT Austin, now Faculty at Libanese American University)
  • Jabran Akhtar (Defense Labs, Norway)

Alumni Post-docs and Researchers (and where they went afterwards)


  • Dr. Ehsan Tohidi (TU Berlin)
  • Dr. Minhoe Kim (now with Huawei Research Lab Paris)
  • Paul de Kerret (now with Amaris, Sophia Antipolis)
  • Italo Atzeni (now with Univ. of Oulu, Finland)
  • Junting Chen (now with Univ. Southern California, L.A.)
  • Georgios Ropokis (now with University College Dublin)
  • Erhan Yilmaz (now R&D industry, Turkey)
  • Kiran Gowda
  • Florian Kaltenberger (now Professor EURECOM) 
  • Helmut Hofstetter (Industry) 2005/2006
  • Are Hjorungnes (formerly Prof. at University of Oslo)
  • Tobias Dahl (founder Elliptic Labs, Oslo, now with SINTEF Labs, Oslo)


Research Projects and funding

Our research is funded primarily through collaborative EU and French ANR competitive funding programs, as well direct contracts with industrial research labs.

Current projects:

  • Huawei-funded project toward advanced future wireless networks towards 6G
  • SPOTLIGHT, ITN  Marie Curie Project, on advanced signal processing for future IoT networks.
  • “Team decision methods in decentralized wireless optimization” funded by Mitsubishi Electric Research Europe
  • WINDMILL, ITN Marie Curie Project on machine learning in future wireless communication networks.
  • SIERRA, ANR French-Luxembourg project on cognitive satcom systems.

Some past projects:

  • "SeCIF" (Secured Communications for the Industry of the Future), funded by the French-German Academy for the Industry of the Future, via IMT (Institut Mines Telecoms). 
  • "PERFUME" ERC Advanced Grant (Smart Device Communications), finished Oct 2020.
  • "HARP"  FP7 European funding (ESPAR antenna-based Remote Radio Heads for 5G)
  • "E-CROPS" CHIST-ERA European funding (Energy harvesting wireless networks)
  • "Advanced Massive MIMO Networks" funded by Huawei Research
  • “Novel Feedback design in distributed cooperative wireless network” funded by Orange Labs
  •  “Virtual MIMO technologies for robust wireless mesh deployments” funded by Mitsubishi Electric Research Europe
  • "Interference Coordination for Cloud-based Radio Access Networks" funded by Intel Mobile Communications
  • "LICORNE" ANR French funding
  • "ARTIST4G" FP7 European funding
  • "SAPHYRE" FP7 European funding
  • "COOPCOM" FP6 European funding
  • "ORMAC" ANR French funding
  • "MIMO for 4G Networks" funded by mobile service provider SFR
  • "Theory and design of two way relaying networks" funded by  Mitsubishi Electric Research Europe
  • Several projects funded by Orange Labs, Paris.

Fig: Decentralized coordination among UAVs for ultra-flexible wireless network deployment (ERC funded "PERFUME" project)