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A European Master’s and Doctorate
curriculum compatible with the European
BMD system and the ECTS accreditation
system. At the end of the program, students
receive the degree from their school of
Classes are taught in English.
A curriculum organized around 7
study tracks:
• Networks.
• Security.
• Web engineering.
• Multimedia.
• Mobile communications.
• Transmission technologies.
• Real-time and embedded systems.
A complete semester is devoted to a
professional THESIS (internship),
taking place in industry.
A strong interaction with industry
through a close and long-term partnership
with companies operating in the area
of information and communication
3 Master of Science programs:
• Mobile communications.
• Communications and computer security.
• Multimedia information technologies.
Since its creation, EURECOM has
acquired a national and worldwide rep-
utation and recognition based on excel-
lent curricula in partnership with other
academic institutions. This has given the
school the ability to offer training pro-
grams that are considered equivalent to
its members’ courses, i.e. French engi-
neering schools and European univer-
sities. EURECOM has requested the CTI
(Commission des Titres) to be accredited
to deliver a EURECOM specialty engineer-
ing degree in the area of data security and
intelligent transport systems.
This is a milestone for EURECOM and
the culmination of 20 years of passion
for education. It also anchors its status
as a full-fledged school without under-
mining what has made it so different, its
Consortium structure. EURECOM’s new
specialty curricula and diploma will
complement its current programs which
have largely contributed to its success
until now.
PostMaster degree in security
for InformationSystems
and Communications
This program aims to offer the techni-
cal knowledge needed by engineers who
design security systems and by system
administrators who ensure IT and net-
work security in a company or public
agency. Emphasis lies on vulnerability
analysis, securitymechanismdesign and
management for fixed and mobile net-
works, IT systems and image processing.
PostMaster degree in communications
for Intelligent TransportSystems
Inthisprogram, studentswill understand
the challenges and mechanisms needed to
efficiently interconnect vehicles and trans-
port infrastructures. They will also acquire
deep understanding of the key application
areasof ICT, suchas roadsafety, trafficman-
agement or access to leisure content.
A new Post Master degree for EURECOM
Lastminute news
During their last plenary session held in Paris on April
12, 2012, themembers of the Commission des Titres
d’Ingénieurs unanimously approved EURECOM’s
accreditation to deliver two PostMaster degrees.
international education
After a year of general courses in
telecommunications in Paris, I chose EURECOM’s
Mobile Communication track to get in-depth knowledge
of information theory, digital communications, and data
transmission. Through classes, lab work and tutorials
taught by qualified teachers-researchers, I acquired
theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field.
EURECOM’s flexibility in class selection also allowed
me to take multimedia system classes (with emphasis
on acquisition/storage/rendering audio/video systems).
As regards non-technical courses, I enjoyed the Team
Leadership–including the personality tests and team-
building work–and Business Simulation workshops
which aim to prepare us for the business world.
Finally, exchanging with students from
various backgrounds in an English-speaking
environment was extremely rewarding. ”
Testimonial froma TelecomParisTech/EURECOMengineer
A first experience ofmobilityand international environment
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