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The Monegasque telecomoperator offi-
cially joined the EURECOM consortium
group of industrial partners in 2010. For
Martin Péronnet, General Director of
Monaco Telecom joining EURECOM is a
strategic partnership.
“Monaco Telecom’s key objective is to
offer its customers what is best in the tel-
ecom world. I am happy to associate the
Principality of Monaco with EURECOM,
a dynamic international partner with a
structure and size suited to our needs.
Martin Peronnet officially innounced the sponsorship by
Monaco Telecom of the 2012 Class.
It is essential for an operator like Monaco
Telecom to participate in research and
development projects, an indication of
our reactivity and adaptability to the
developments of the telecommunications
He shared his own experience with his
Class during his visit:
“Our business activity is constantly
evolving technically. It is also greatly
influenced by our society, our customers’
expectations, the ever-changing economic
models, the behavior of the key players,
and each of us”.
Through sponsorship, an industrial business can set up a meaningful
partnership with a Class for the entire two-year training period through
graduation. Sponsors meet students during conferences, support their
projects (including study trips), participate in the graduation ceremony,
and offer onsite visits. They also maintain ties with students throughout
their studies.
EURECOM and Monaco Telecom:
a strategy for technological innovation
For Monaco Telecom, the future goes
hand in hand with its employees, their
ability to analyze, understand and trans-
late these transformations in our environ-
ment, but also with the capacity to suc-
cessfully combine a century-old culture
serving our Principality with new and
international influences. This is what gave
us this opened vision to the world, and
what will empower us to growour services
and the company in the 20 years to come.
In that sense, we consider the sponsor-
ing of EURECOM’s 20
Class a symbol of
our future”.
Graduate school and research center in communication systems