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e are sharing an increasing volume of
multimedia content on the Web. But
these millions of photos and videos
that we put each year on sharing sites or social
networks often remain unused. At best, they are
classified and marked, but further indexing is
difficult. Recognition tools which could help find
faces and places automatically are limited. “What
makes searching these media difficult is that it is
centered on the media itself”, explains Raphaël
Troncy who is in charge of the EventMedia project
at EURECOM. “The term ‘media’ is to be under-
stood in the broad sense.
It can refer to videos and photos as well as to
tweets, Facebook or audiomessages. Our ideawas
to think outside of the media box. And since all
this multimedia content corresponds to events,
we found it more efficient to find them through
an event search. A good way to index photos or
tweets is by event, place or date, such as a con-
cert, an exhibit, a soccer game, a birthday or a
party with friends”.
A unique way to relive an event...
We can easily understand the interest in linking
thesephotosor videos toapast event,whether pub-
lic or private. The goal is to offer the possibility to
live anevent againviaaWebapplication, or even to
viewit fromadifferent perspective thanks tocontent
Finding pictures or videos that we once shared on the Web
is already a challenge. So giving them a second life seems unthinkable.
But this is one of the objectives of EventMedia,a project led in part
posted by another participant. From a technologi-
cal standpoint, the goal of researchers is to design
tools capableof quicklyanalyzing largequantitiesof
media froma varietyof platforms, toanalyze them,
to connect themto a knowledge base of events and
to provide outputs. “All of this is done with image
processing or semantic Web techniques”, says
Raphaël Troncy.
The resultswerequitesuccessful in2011. “Wepub-
lished several papers on the subjects, andwe were
evenable todemonstrate our concept at a scientific
conference with an application that integrated in
real time all the participants’ multimedia content:
presentations, photos and tweets. Users were able
to relive theevent inanexcitingnewway!”The team
received the “best concept award”at the conference.
… and discover new ones
Visual collage of pictures illustrating an event promoting diversity
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