Navid Nikaein

Professor, HDR, Communication System Department, Eurecom.

Navid Nikaein, Assistant Professor, Communication System, Eurecom.

Navid Nikaein is Professor in Communication Systems Department at Eurecom, where he is leading a R&D group on experimental system research related to 4G-5G wireless systems and networking protocols as well as agile service delivery platforms. He has published more than 200 papers and several patents in the area of mobile networks and services. He has a proven track in industry-driven R&D projects at international level.

In terms of OpenSource activities, he is coordinating inititive whose objective is to provide a data-driven 4G-5G stack empowered by an ecosystem of edge network applications. He is also a board member of OpenAirInterface Software Alliance and leading the development of the 4G->5G radio access networks of OpenAirInterface wireless technology platform. Checkout out the code base at OpenAirInterface and

In terms of innovation service, Navid Nikaein is a committe member of Telecom ParisTech-Eurecom Incubator, and provide supports to local startup in French Riviera. In 2005, he was Founding member of 3ROAM, a startup company in Sophia-Antipolis, France, pioneering a range of intelligent wireless backhaul routing products for private and public.

Past Timelins

Area of Interests

  • Data-driven control and orchestration in 5G

  • Cloud-native and programmable RAN and CN(SDN, NFV)

  • Edge services and application, and network SDK

  • Design and development of flexible HW/SW platforms for 4G/5G

  • Machine-type communication / IoT

  • Public safety networks / moving cells

  • Vehicle-to-network


  • OpenAirInterface Training - (2011- present)

  • Mobile AdHoc Networks - 2005

Funded Projects


  • Empower (2018-2020)EU-US joint development of advanced wireless research platform targeting new connectivity frontiers beyond 5G

  • H2020 5G-Picture (2017-2020) 5G Programmable Infrastructure Converging disaggregated neTwork and compUte REsources

  • H2020 SliceNet (2017-2020)End-to-End Cognitive Network Slicing and Slice Management Framework in Virtualised Multi-Domain, Multi-Tenant 5G Networks



PostDocs/R&D Engineers

  • Osama Arouk RAN/CN service chain placement - in collaboration with Thierry Turletti

  • Tien-Thinh Nguyen 5G Core Network and MEC platform and SDK

  • Konstantinos Alexandris Network Abstraction and Control applications

  • Nasim Ferdosi RAN Analytics and Performance Optimization

  • Mihai IduMEC platform

Ph.D. Students

  • Robert Schmidt User-centric Slicing in 5G-NR and Net Neutrality


  • Chia-Yu Chang Flexible Fucntional Split, Slicing in disaggregated RAN, Now in Huawei Sweden

  • Xenofon Vasilakos Cognitive Management in Mobile Networks, now at Bristol University

  • Konstantinos Alexandris (Ph.D Telecom ParisTech, 2014-2018), Network Abstraction/Graph, Mobility Management in 5G network, now at Eurecom

  • Anta Huang Mobile Edge Computing Platform and UP Programmability

  • Romain Favraud (Ph.D Telecom ParisTech, 2015-2018), self-programmable moving-cells in maritime environment - now at OrangeLab Romania

  • Nikolaos Sapountzis Energy and load optimizations for small cell networks - co-supervised with Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos, now at University of Florida in the FICS group

  • Kostas Katsalis RAN slicing and Juju-based Orchestration (2015-2017)- now at Huawei Munich

  • Aikaterini Trilyraki Ethernet Fronthaul and Soft RRH GW (2015-2016)

  • Bilel Ben Romdhanne (Ph.D Telecom ParisTech, 2011-2013), now at Moviken, Nice/France

  • Kaiji Zhou (Ph.D Telecom ParisTech, 2011-2013), now at Huawei, Shanghai/China

  • Daniel Camara (PostDoc, 2010-2011), now research fellow at Telecom ParisTech, Sophia-Antipolis/France

  • Lusheng Wang (PostDoc, 2011-2012), now Assistant Prof. at Hefei University of Technology, China

  • Aymen Hafsaoui (PostDoc, 2011-2013)

Selected Publications

4G-5G Service Delivery Platforms

Cloud-Native Radio Access Network

Public Safety

Machine-type communication in LTE/LTE-A

Latency in LTE

Complete list of publications could be fount at: [Eurecom DB], [Google Scholar], [DBLP].