Prof. Dr. Jérôme Härri, Associate Professor, EURECOM

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New Grant @ German French Academy for the Industy of the Future

July, 2017

As cooperation between IMT Atlantic, the German TUM and EURECOM, the SCHEIF (Smart Cyber-Physical Environment for Industry of the Future) project has been selected for a research starting grant by the French-German Academy for Industry of the Future between July 2017 and Decelber 2018

Invited Talk @ German VDI Workshop on Digital Infrastructure & Automotive Mobilit, Berlin

July, 2017

Introduction of the Automotive Industry on-going work on ITS-G5/DSRC extensions for future WiFi-V2X connected cars

Invited Talk @ Fiat Research Center - V2X Communications in Future 5G Automotive and Transportation, Turin

July, 2017

Introduction of the 3GPP LTE-V2X for future 5G connected cars

A new Team Member - Dr. Lara Codeca

June, 2017

Dr. Codeca will be working on the LABEX UCN@Sophia Project "User-centric Electrical Powered Two Wheelers (e-PTW) Dynamic Navigation in a Commuting Traffic Environment"

Connected Car and Cooperative ITS Training @ Intel labs, Sophia-Antipolis

June, 2017

A two days training, targetted to provide the basic knowlege in key domains of connected cars and C-ITS, including a tutorial on Vehicular Mobility Modeling, C-ITS Standardization, V2X Communication Technologes and High Precision Positioning Solutions

A new Doctor from the Team - Dr. Laurent Gallo

May, 2017

Dr. Gallo successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Medium Access Control for Cellular-based Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks". Congratulations !!!!

iTETRIS Tutorial @ OrangeLabs, Paris

Sept, 2012

A full week training, targetted to provide the basic knowlege and experience on the iTETRIS Platform, from the network simulator ns-3, the traffic simulator SUMO, the application simulator and the iCS

CFP - IEEE WiVEC 2013 - 5th IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Vehicular Communications

Sept, 2012

June 2-3 2013, Dresden, Germany

CFP - VTC2013-Spring - 77th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference

Sept, 2012

Track: "Transportation,Vehicular Electronics and Telematics"
2-5 June 2013, Dresden, Germany

CFP - SIMUTools 2013 - 6th Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques

Sept, 2012

Cannes, French Riviera - March 5-8, 2013

Talk @ Audi, Ingolstadt - Audi Workshop Series on Standardization

July, 2012

Presentation of the latest proposals and standardization activities of the STF420 on multi-channel operations for ITS at 5GHz

Poster @ 9th ACM VANET, Low Wood Bay, UK -

June, 2012

Can Mobility Predictions be Compatible with Cooperative Active Safety for VANET?



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