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Light Fields for Face Analysis

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SOCRatES: a database of realistic data for SOurce Camera REcognition on Smartphones

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A new framework for optimal facial landmarklocalization on light-field images

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Recent Advances in Biometric Technology for Mobile Devices

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Exploring New Authentication Protocols for Sensitive Data Protection on Smartphones

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FIRE: fast iris recognition on mobile phones by combining colour and texture features

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Secure User Authentication on Smartphones via Sensor and Face Recognition on Short Video Clips

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Integrating facial makeup detection into multimodal biometric user verification system

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Videos versus still images: Asymmetric sensor pattern noise comparison on mobile phones

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Fusing iris colour and texture information for fast iris recognition on mobile devices

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Eye movement analysis for human authentication: a critical survey

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Towards demographic categorization using gaze analysis

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Multimodal authentication on Smartphones: combining iris and sensor recognition for a double check of user identity

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Combining hardwaremetry and biometry for human authentication via smartphones

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BIRD: watershed Based IRis Detection for mobile devices

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GANT: Gaze analysis technique for human identification

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FIRME: Face and iris recognition for mobile engagement

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Gender and age categorization using gaze analysis

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IDEM: Iris detection on mobile devices

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Automatic Face Image Tagging in Large Collections

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FAME: face authentication for mobile encounter

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