AXA Chair of Computational Statistics and Associate Professor at EURECOM

Campus SophiaTech
450 Route des Chappes
06410 Biot, FRANCE

Office: 419

Phone: +33 4 93 00 81 35

Email Address: maurizio.filippone [at] eurecom.fr

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Word cloud research


30-01-21  The paper "Deep Compositional Spatial Models" has been accepted in the Journal of the American Statistical Association! (pdf) (link)

23-01-21  The paper "Sparse Gaussian Processes Revisited: Bayesian Approaches to Inducing-Variable Approximations" has been accepted at AISTATS 2021! (pdf)

25-11-20  Check out our new paper "All You Need is a Good Functional Prior for Bayesian Deep Learning" (link)

11-11-20  Check out our new paper "Sparse within Sparse Gaussian Processes using Neighbor Information" (link)

19-10-20  Check out our new paper "An Identifiable Double VAE For Disentangled Representations" (link)

26-09-20  The paper "Walsh-Hadamard Variational Inference for Bayesian Deep Learning" has been accepted at NeurIPS 2020! (pdf) (code)

09-06-20  Check out our new paper "Isotropic SGD: a Practical Approach to Bayesian Posterior Sampling" (link)

08-06-20  Check out our new paper "A Variational View on Bootstrap Ensembles as Bayesian Inference" (link)

04-06-20  The paper "Model Monitoring and Dynamic Model Selection in Travel Time-series Forecasting" has been accepted at ECML/PKDD 2020! (pdf)

17-02-20  We are very excited to host the second workshop on "Functional Inference and Machine Intelligence" at EURECOM - the event is co-organized with the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo! (link)

24-01-20  The paper "Kernel computations from large-scale random features obtained by Optical Processing Units" has been accepted at ICASSP 2020! (pdf)

07-01-20  The paper "LIBRE: Learning Interpretable Boolean Rule Ensembles" has been accepted at AISTATS 2020! (pdf)

21-10-19  The paper "A comparative evaluation of novelty detection algorithms for discrete sequences" has been accepted for publication in the Artificial Intelligence Review journal! (link)

07-10-19  Talk at the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, UK: "Walsh-Hadamard Variational Inference for Bayesian Deep Learning" (slides)

01-10-19  The paper "Efficient Approximate Inference with Walsh-Hadamard Variational Inference" has been accepted at the Bayesian Deep Learning Workshop at NeurIPS 2019! (link) (pdf)

03-09-19  The paper "Pseudo-Extended Markov chain Monte Carlo" has been accepted at NeurIPS 2019! (link) (pdf)

23-08-19  Talk at the Deep Bayes Summer School in Moscow: "Deep Gaussian Processes" (slides)

26-07-19  Read about my new research efforts on sustainable AI on The Conversation website: Light, a possible solution for a sustainable AI

14-07-19  Tutorial at IJCNN 2019, Budapest, Hungary (link)