Tutorial@Sigmetrics-16: Caching in Wireless Networks (P. Elia and G. Paschos).


Tutorial Title: Wireless Caching towards 5G: Network Coding and PHY Considerations

(also: Caching revival via information-theory and network theory: novel challenges and breakthroughs in cache-aided wireless networks)

Speakers: Georgios Paschos (Huawei) / Petros Elia (Eurecom)

Duration: 3 h

Meeting room: Ella Fitzgerald 3+4

Documents: Slides

Abstract: There is currently an urgent need for novel technologies that can partially mitigate the current explosion of wireless traffic volumes. While many existing communication technologies fail to scale with increasing network sizes, recent developments have revealed that caching, when properly transformed and boosted, can come a long way in augmenting the performance and efficiency of wireless networks. Our tutorial will seek to insightfully present the fundamental ingredients behind some recent breakthroughs, as well as describe the key challenges that remain in turning caching into a key ingredient for future wireless networks.

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