Tutorial@ITW-2018. Coded Caching & Distributed Computing: Opportunities and Challenges. (with A. Ramamoorthy)


Tutorial Title: Wireless Caching towards 5G: Network Coding and PHY Considerations

Speakers: Aditya Ramamoorthy and Petros Elia (Eurecom)

Abstract: This tutorial will bring together the exciting areas of information-theoretic caching and distributed computing, and will discuss powerful ways in which advanced coding can exploit the deep connections between memory, communication and computing. Current research is at a juncture where the massive potential gains from jointly tapping into these three resources is evident. However, it is well understood that the gains are massively limited by fundamental bottlenecks. This requires, not only addressing these bottlenecks head on, but also exploring some of these ideas in a variety of new settings and topologies. The tutorial will explore the role of information theory and coding, in meeting the fundamental performance limits in a variety of such pertinent settings, as well as their role in resolving some of these bottlenecks. Furthermore, we will discuss how the consideration of alternate settings may complement and even accentuate the original gains.