Tutorial@ICC-2016: Wireless caching for 5G: network coding and PHY. (P. Elia)


Tutorial Title: Wireless Caching towards 5G: Network Coding and PHY Considerations

Speaker: Petros Elia (Eurecom)

Duration: 3 h

Meeting room: 406, Level 4

Documents: Slides

Abstract: The challenge to sustain the giant leap in volume and societal impact of wireless communications, has spurred worldwide research to produce radically new spectrum & power efficient, high-performance, and environmentally-friendly communication technologies. In this effort, caching has recently joined feedbackaided multiuser MIMO as one of the most powerful tools towards the ultimate promise of having wireless networks with throughputs that scale with the number of network users. This tutorial will provide a new look at the recent efforts to employ caching as something “on top” of physical layer communications, while on the other hand we will also review the very recent research that directly combines and fuses the two elements of caching and PHY. Towards this we will offer an educational overview of the latest progress in designing algorithms that manage to handle multiuser interference by using cacheaided and feedback-aided MIMO techniques, to (often jointly) elevate performance, from that of serving one user at a time (TD), to the much higher performance where many users are served simultaneously and seamlessly without interference. While exploring the interesting interplay between caching and feedbackaided multiuser MIMO communications, we will also see how content prediction – of a predetermined library of files during the night (off peak hours) – and a subsequent caching of parts of this library content again during the night, may go beyond boosting performance, and may in fact offer the additional benefit of alleviating the need for prediction, estimation, and communication of CSIT during the day.

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