Awarded ERC Consolidator Grant (DUALITY) 2017-2022.


PROJECT TITLE: Theoretical Foundations of Memory Micro-Insertions in Wireless Communications


PI Petros ELIA (EURECOM, Sophia-Antipolis)
PROJECT TYPE ERC Consolidator Grant
Type of research Basic research
Duration 60 months (2017-2022)
Budget 2000 k€
ERC PANEL PE7: Systems and Communications Engineering

KEYWORDS: information theoretic caching, distributed computation, distributed machine learning, coded caching, feedback information theory.

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This project funds research that aims to develop the theoretical foundations of transforming memory into data rates, and aims to explore the practical ramifications in wireless communication networks as well as distributed computing networks.

Our key scientific challenge is to pursue the mathematical convergence between feedback-information-theory and preemptive distributed data-storage, and to then design ultra-fast memory-aided communication algorithms, that pass a battery of tests for real-life validation. This is a structurally new approach, which promises to reveal deep links between feedback information theory and memory, for a variety of envisioned wireless-network architectures of exceptional promise. In doing so, our new proposed theory stands to identify the basic principles of how a splash of memory can surgically alter the informational structure of these networks, rendering them faster, simpler and more efficient.