CBMI'99 Technical Program

Monday, 25th October, 1999

9H00-10H00 Registration
10h00-10h30 Welcome address
Temporal Video Segmentation I
Chair: Jenny Benois
Video segmentation based on MPEG bitstream
Taha Sencar and Gozde Bozdagi
Shot Change Detection Using Scene-based Constraint
Loong-Fah Cheong and Hong Guo
11h20-11h45 Pause
Temporal Video Segmentation II
Chair: Riccardo Leonardi
Efficient Morphological Algorithms for Video Structuring and Indexing
Claire-Hélène Demarty Serge Beucher
Wipe detection in the temporal segmentation of video
Didier Zugaj and Patrick Bouthemy
Towards a Standard Protocol for The Evaluation of Video-to-shots Segmentation Algorithms
Rosa Ruiloba, Philippe Joly, Stéphane Marchand-Maillet, Georges Quénot
13h00-14h30 Lunch
Data structures
Chair: Chabane Djeraba
One-Dimensional Index for Nearest Neighbor Search
Theen-Theen Tan, Larry Davis and Ramki Thurimella
Overcomming the curse of dimensionality
Edgar Chávez, José L. Marroquín and Gonzalo Navarro
15h20-15h50 Pause
Audio Description
Chair: Régine André-Obrecht
Audio Partitioning and Transcription for Broadcast Data Indexation
Jean-Luc Gauvain, Lori Lamel and Gilles Adda
OLIVE: Speech Based Video Retrieval
Franciska de Jong, Jean-Luc Gauvain, Jurgen den Hartog, Klaus Netter
A proposal for the description of audio in the context of MPEG-7
Perfecto Herrera and Xavier Serra
A first step into speaker-based indexing
Perrine Delacourt and Christian Wellekens
18h00  Cocktail in Toulouse Townhouse

Tuesday, 26th October, 1999

9h-9h45  Invited Speaker: Fernando Pereira
The MPEG-7 Standard: A Challenge to Describe Multimedia Information
Chair: Bernard Mérialdo
Description schemes and Applications
Chair: Rémi Ronfard
The TOCAI Description scheme for indexing and retrieval of Multimedia documents
N, Adami, A. Bugatti, A. Corghi, R. Leonardi, P. Migliorati, L. Rossi, C. Saraceno
Automatic annotation using DVB System Information
Pedro Cardoso, Vitor Teixeira, Pedro Ferreira
Using Color and Texture Indexing to improve Collaborative Filtering of Art Paintings
Arnd Kohrs and Bernard Merialdo
11h00-11h20  Pause
Video description
Chair: Bernard Merialdo
Fast motion-based content extraction for video indexing
F.Coudert, J.Benois-Pineau, D.Barba, E.Malan
Extraction of Moving Objects from MPEG-Compressed Video for Object-Based Indexing
Jae-Gon Kim, Kyu-Won Lee, Jinwoong Kim and Hyung-Myung Kim
Motion-Based Segmentation for Content-Based Multimedia Indexing
Bertrand Chupeau, Edouard François
Exploring Video Content in Extended Spatio-Temporal Textures
Chin-Hwee Peh and Loong-Fah Cheong
13h00-14h30 Lunch
Poster Session
Chair: Patrice Pillot
Non-Supervised Robust Visual Recognition of Colour images using Half-Quadratic Theory
Rozenn Dahyot, Pierre Charbonnier and Fabrice Heitz
Direct classification of JPEG natural images in DCT domain
Anne Guérin-Dugué and Patricia Ladret
MINDS: A Movie Indexing System
Takayuki Kunieda, Yuki Wakita, Nozomu Takahashi, Masajiro Iwasaki, Neil Day
Multiple Features Indexing in Image Retrieval Systems
Augusto Celentano, Stefano Sabbadin
Two Systems for Temporal Video Segmentation
Georges Quénot and Philippe Mulhem
A new spatiotemporal approach for semantic video macro-segmentation
Hammoud R. and Chen L.
Beyond Recall: A new measure for assessing the retrieval of video material
Joop van Gent, Karin Kruger-Thielmann
A4SM - An integrated digital movie production environment
Christian Wilk
MUSTER: Multi-platform SysTem for Efficient Retrieval from image databases
T. Sinan Ingeç, Bülent Tavli, Kadriye Özbas and Gozde Bozdagi
An Object behavior and event based indexin/browse/retrieve  framework and tool for video
Sadiye Guler, Michael Rizkalla and Michael F. Vetter
Movement index using frame difference patterns for video database retrieval
Katsunobu Fushikida, Yoshitsugu Hiwatari, and Hideyo Waki
Image description
Chair: Chabane Djeraba
Regions-of-Interest and Spatial Layout for Content-based Image Retrieval
Baback Moghaddam, Henning Biermann and Dimitris Margaritas
Stochastic Models for Face Image Analysis
Stéphane Marchand-Maillet and Bernard Mérialdo
Shape-Based Indexing using Curvature Scale Space with Affine Curvature
Farzin Mokhtarian and Sadegh Abbasi
Similarity measures for image registration
David Sarrut and Serge Miguet
19h00  Banquet

Wednesday, 27th October, 1999

9h00-9h45  Invited Speaker: Philippe Aigrain (EC)
Multimedia Content Representation: Are We Tackling the Actual Problems?
Chair: Philippe Joly
9h45 - 11h00 
Special session on European Projects
Chair: Jenny Benois
NEMESIS Project: advanced imaging tools for video special effects and postproduction 
Jean FIGUE and Agnès de Simon
DiVAN: A Distributed Video Archive Network
AVIR - Audio-Visual Indexing and retrieval for non IT expert users
Riccardo LEONARDI 
11h00-11h20  Pause
Multimodal and Video browsing
Chair: Rémi Ronfard
Multi-modal Dialogue Scene Detection Using Hidden Markov Models for Content-based Multimedia Indexing
A. Aydin Alatan, Ali N. Akansu and Wayne Wolf
Video index database classifying for efficient content-based retrieval
Y. Hiwatari, K. Fushikida, H. Waki
Video hyper-links creation for content-based browsing and navigation
P. Bouthemy, Y. Dufournaud, R. Fablet, R. Mohr, S. Peleg and A. Zomet
An Intelligent Multimedia System for Efficient Image Browsing and Retrieval
K.Karpouzis, G. Votsis, Y. Xirouhakis, G.Stamou, S. Kollias
13h00  End of the Workshop

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