Instructions to Authors

Please note that 5 selected papers will be included in a special issue of the journal Multimedia Tools and Applications, due to appear in early 2000. This selection will be based on the final papers. Authors of selected papers will be contacted directly, and asked to produce a journal-long version of their paper.

Authors of papers accepted to CBMI99 should do the following steps:

  1. produce the final version of their papers according to the CBMI Latex style, by adding the line
    at the beginning of the Latex file, as in the following Latex example. Formatting always require the LNCS style.

    If you do not want to use Latex, you may use the CBMI document model for Microsoft Word, or use any other word processor while following as closely as possible the presentation illustrated in the example PostScript file. Note that the margin sizes have changed from the submission format. Papers should not be more than 8 pages long with the new format.

  2. print, fill and sign the Copyright Transfer Form, (you can also use the Word or the Postscript version)

  3. print, fill and sign the Registration Form for CBMI'99 (also available in the following formats: Word, PDF, Postscript, and in French as HTML, Word, PDF, PostScript ).
    It is mandatory that at least one author of each accepted paper registers to CBMI99. Papers for which no registration has been received on time will not appear in the proceedings.

  4. send one copy of the paper, the Copyright transfer form and the registration form to:
    	CBMI 99
    	IRIT / UPS 
    	118, route de Narbonne 
    	31062 TOULOUSE CEDEX 
    before 20th August, 1999. (note that we have extended the deadline at the maximum allowed by the publisher, so this deadline will be absolutely strict).

Authors who have trouble with this procedure should contact Patrice Pillot.