"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none" (W. Shakespeare)

Ghislain Atemezing

Short Bio

I obtained a Msc in Computer Science within the Department of Artificial Intelligence, School of Computer Science, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, at the Ontology Engineering Group (Spain). The title of my Master Thesis was: "Analyzing and Ranking Multimedia Ontologies for their Reuse". Previously, I worked in the research group of software agents (Grasia!) of the School of Computer Science, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. I also obtained a Master in Technologies and Information Systems from the University of Picardie-Jules Verne (France; 2008), and a DEA in Computer Science at the University of Yaoundé I (Cameroon)

Currently, I am a PhD candidate at Telecom ParisTech under the supervision of Dr. Raphaël Troncy.

Research Interest

I am interested in Semantic Web technologies, Linked data, ontology (modeling, methodologies), Government Open Data, vocabulary management, web architecture, Multimedia applications to Semantic Web, Internet of things, GeoData, visualization in the context of Linked Data.

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My most relevant publications at the time are the following URL (more update here)



You can reach me using the following address:

           <workEmail> auguste.atemezing dot eurecom.fr </workEmail>
           <altEmail> ghislain.atemezing dot gmail.com </altEmail>
           <Address> 930, route des Colles 06903 SophiaTech, Biot, France </Address>
           <Phone> +33 (0)4 - 9300 8178 </Phone>
           <Fax> +33 (0)4 - 9300 8200 </Fax>

Other Studies

Yeah...I studied two years philosophy and theology at the Faculty of Theology San Damaso (Madrid, Spain), and I hope to be graduated in the art of "giving reason to my faith".

Various Stuff

I put here some links of great persons /institutions that have a human vision of the Life, and also some of my favourite websites.