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Key figures of the newClass
The engineering internship is a key step
in EURECOM’s curriculum. As an inte-
gral part of the academic program, the
internship plays several roles. Students,
businesses and training institutions alike
unanimously recognize its importance.
Every year, EURECOM’s students can
review hundreds of offers compiled in a
database through a network of partners
in the business world. Overall, more than
1,500 EURECOM interns have worked in
over 500 businesses and research labs
in 25 countries, contributing to a strong
network that links the school and the
business world.
The “FondationTelecomAward”
for best internships
This annual award is
organized by the Fondation
Télécom to highlight out-
standing end-of-study work
from Institut Télécom’s
students. Considered a genuine “quality
label”, graduates are proud to boast the
award during their first job interview.
ValdrinKoshi, youhave received the
2010Best InternshipAward. Canyou
tell uswhat thismeans for you?
“I’m honored to have received this
award. It’s the best way to conclude my
internship! It gives credit to the work
carried out but also to the quality of my
diploma. At EURECOM I had the possibil-
ity to learn about state-of-the-art technol-
ogies and innovative concepts in a prag-
matic and effective way; the professors are
passionate researchers able to transmit
their passion to students. I saw the effec-
tiveness of my track of studies directly on
the field during my internship. At SAP’s
Research Labs in Paris, interns can dem-
onstrate their value through facts, and
that’s what I did: I used my knowledge
to design and develop a mobile applica-
tion leveraging existing SAP solutions; it
extends SAP Business Objects Explorer by
relating business information with user
location and orientation”.
“Since the beginning, my work has
been supported bymy academic (Raphael
Troncy fromEURECOM, Giovanni Malnati
from Politecnico di Torino, Sara Comai
fromPolitecnico di Milano) and industrial
(Ali Meziani, Alexis Naibo, Timo Elliot)
tutors. I also benefited from the sponsor-
ships of clients: there are fewplaces where
Valdrin Koshi, winner of the 2010 Best Internship Award
High-quality internships
recognized by a jury of professionals
Msc students
new students
students from the
Pont entrance
students from
partner schools
and universities
an intern can show his work directly to
clients (that’s what happened when a
consumer goods multinational showed
interest in my work)”.
“This award is a wonderful way to end
a journey that saw my work being inte-
grated into SAP Business Objects Explorer,
a patent filed, and a long-term contract
right after my internship”.
Campus life
Called BED WEISER, the 2011 stu-
dent association organized many
activities that generated enthu-
siasm and team spirit. The asso-
ciation is made up of engineering
studentswhorepresent thecultural
diversity and the dynamism of the
year’s class. It is a framework for
solidarity and friendship among
Its mission is to organize the key
events of student life, to facilitate
the integration of newcomers, and
to foster close tiesbetweencompa-
nies and students.
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