Novel Generic Formulas and Relations for the Ergodic Capacity and Average Bit Error Rate over Generalized Fading Channels

Mohamed-Slim Alouini - Professor of Electrical Engineering in the Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering at KAUST, Saudi Arabia
Communication systems

Date: September 23rd 2011
Location: Eurecom - Eurecom

Analysis of the average binary error probabilities (ABEP) and ergodic capacity (EC) of wireless communications systems over generalized fading channels have been considered separately in the past. This talk introduces a novel moment generating function (MGF)-based unified approach for the exact computation of the ABEP and EC of single and multiple link communication with maximal ratio combining. This approach leads to a generic unified performance expression that can be easily calculated and that is applicable to a wide variety of fading scenarios. The talk introduces also a new analytical connection between the EC and the ABEP of binary modulation schemes. In particular formulas to obtain the EC from the ABEP and vice versa are proposed. Analytical and numerical examples are provided to illustrate the mathematical formalism for a variety of fading conditions. Work in collaboration with Dr. Ferkan Yilmaz

Permalink: https://www.eurecom/seminar/24669