Image and Video Analysis Using Local Binary Patterns (LBP)

Abdenour Hadid - Prof. at University of Oulu, Finland
Multimedia Communications

Date: June 23rd 2010
Location: Eurecom - Eurecom

Recent developments showed that the Local Binary Pattern (LBP) method provides outstanding results in representing and analyzing different patterns in both still images and video sequences. The LBP operator is defined as a gray-scale invariant texture measure, derived from a general definition of texture in a local neighborhood. Due to its discriminative power and computational simplicity, the LBP texture operator has become a popular approach in various computer vision applications, including visual inspection, image retrieval, remote sensing, biomedical image analysis, face image analysis, motion analysis, environment modeling, and outdoor scene analysis. This talk presents an overview of the LBP approach and its applications. First the theoretical foundations of the method are presented. An overview of applying LBP to various computer vision problems (with a particular focus on face analysis tasks) is then given. Finally, directions for future research will be discussed. After the presentation, the participants will understand the fundamental theory behind LBP and will be advised on effective and proper use in various applications. With the provided source code and material, the participants will be ready to use LBP in their own research.

Permalink: https://www.eurecom/seminar/17519