Optimal cooperation in wireless networks

Olivier Leveque -
Communication systems

Date: June 10th 2010
Location: Eurecom - Eurecom

In this talk, I will present a new way to handle communication in wireless networks, that uses a recursive cooperation architecture and distributed MIMO communications. This new scheme allows to get rid of the interference limitation experienced by classical multi-hop strategies, achieving therefore much higher capacity scaling than multi-hop for a wide range of network parameters. I will then study in detail the performance of the proposed scheme and compare it to that of multi-hop, when either power or space (i.e. network area) becomes a scarce resource in the network. The main conclusion to be drawn from this analysis provides a rejoinder with the recent work of Franceschetti et al. on the physical limits of wireless networks.

Permalink: https://www.eurecom/seminar/17472