Talk 1: Interface and Interaction aspects of multiple applications on Networked TVs.

Talk 2: EventMedia: Event-based annotation and exploration of Media

André Fialho - (CWI, Amsterdam)
Director's Office

Date: February 22nd 2010
Location: Eurecom - Eurecom

Abstract 1 : Insights in consumer needs form the center around which new applications and product innovations are developed. In the specific context of multiple applications on networked Televisions, user centric research is relevant to gain insights into the desirability of new features and the development of guidelines for service developers. In this talk we illustrate a user-centered design approach that covered both these aspects. Moreover, we investigate the opportunities brought by the technology and design a potential interface based on a TV Widget deployment perspective, while maintaining benefits inherent to the simplicity of the television use. Abstract 2: EventMedia is an Integrative Research Project (IRP) within the PetaMedia Network of Excellence <>. The overall goal is to develop an event-based approach for users to explore, annotate and share events through different media on a web-based environment. For this project we will use a knowledge base of events from event directories linked to the LOD cloud. Furthermore, events will be enriched with social peer 2 peer metadata to explore relevancy in the context of different user tasks. The approach is user-driven and will investigate interfaces that explore linkages between users, multimedia content and events.

Permalink: https://www.eurecom/seminar/16967