The ERC grants


ERC give funds to scientific excellence at the knowledge frontier.
It is a "white scientific" program dedicated to exploratory research, whose sole criterion of selection is scientific excellence.


A fourth ERC grant to EURECOM

Getting a grant from the European Research Council is not an easy task but this is what Marios Kountouris, Professor in the Communication Systems Department, has just accomplished with his project SONATA. He is the fourth EURECOM professor to obtain an ERC grant.

His project envisions a radically new goal-oriented communication paradigm that accounts for the Semantics of Information, i.e., the significance and usefulness of messages with respect to the goal of data exchange. SONATA will transform our fundamental understanding of when, what, and how to generate, process, and transmit data.


The ERC (European Research Council) program offers four types of individual scholarships:

  • Starting Grant, for young researchers, two to seven years after obtaining their thesis;

  • Consolidator Grant, for young researchers, seven to twelve years after obtaining their thesis;

  • Advanced Grant, designed for experienced researchers;

  • Proof of Concept for valuation support. The latter scholarship is reserved for ERC winners.