Rapid prototyping design of a 4 × 4 BLAST-over-UMTS system

Guillaud, Maxime;Das, Suman;Burg, Andreas;Rupp, Markus;Beck, Eric
Asilomar 2001, 35th IEEE Annual Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, 4-7 November 2001, Pacific Grove, USA

BLAST techniques to increase the utilized bandwidth in commercial systems are currently feasible. This paper describes the design of a UMTS prototype, supporting four transmit and four receive antennas, achieving almost four times the capacity of a conventional system. Various parts of the transmitter and receiver are mapped on FPGAs and fast DSPs communicating via a specially designed communication link. The system was entirely designed using C code, embedded in SIMULINK S-functions for simulation, and, after validation, automatically mapped onto the hardware platform.

Pacific Grove
Communication systems
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