Communications And Networking - Major Communications



In today's world, mobile networks form one of the most active areas in terms of growth and innovation. Mobile devices are found today in your pocket (smartphone) and your desk (PC). Tomorrow, they will be found in your car (autonomous, fueled by 5G), bike, train, even on your road and in your kitchen (as sensors/connected objects forming Internet of Wireless Things) and even on your clothes (wearable devices) and perhaps skin.  

Huge swaths of industry (connected robotics and connected industry 4.0) and society (smart city, smart agriculture) will have their critical operation fully depend on network connectivity. This was not the case before. 

The challenges to communicate, organize and exploit all the data carried by such devices is simply enormous. Would you like to be at the forefront of this new wireless revolution?  

Due to the vast range of expertise needed in this area, the Communication and Networking track will be the first at EURECOM to offer a choice of two distinct "Majors" with its own set of mandatory courses. 

Communications and Networking -Major in Networking

Communications and Networking -Major in Communications 

While both majors will give you a nice overview of challenges and key knowledge in this area, there will be some differences:

 The Networking Major will give you some expertise in several inter-related networking areas, ranging from networking protocols (radio resource and mobility management), software defined networking (network slicing), to application development (such as android apps on smartphones). 

The Communication Major emphasize the fundamental concepts for efficient  transmission, statistical data processing, data coding, radio engineering, and machine learning  for tomorrow's networks (like 6G). You will be able to control the cursor between theory and practice under some of the world experts in this area. 

Both Majors will offer a comprehensive and interdisciplinary view of mobile communications and networking to make you a desirable asset to companies and labs or even launch your own startup in this exciting area.


18 months students :

Must  choose  DigiCom and MobSys  for both Communication and networking – Major Networking  and   Communication and networking – Major Communications  in FALL.



Fall Spring
T MobSys Mobile communication systems 5
T DigiCom Digital communications 5
T ATWireless Advanced topics in wireless communications 5
T Radio Radio engineering 5


Fall Spring
T MALIS Machine Learning and Intelligent System 5
T CompArch Computer architecture 5
T ImCod Image & Video Compression 3
T ImProc Digital Image Processing 3
T DBSys Database Management System Implementation 5
T MobiSec Mobile Systems and Smartphone Security 5
T Clouds Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing 5
G RDI Responsible Digital Innovation: Risks, Ethics and Technology 3
G B_INNOV How to adopt the right posture and move from idea to market! 5
T STATS Foundations of Statistical Inference 3
T MPC Multiparty Computation and Blockchains 3
G Property Intellectual property law 3
T MobMod Mobility Modeling 3
T Stand Standardization activities 3
T QUANTIS Quantum Information Science 3
T EmSim Emulation and simulation methodologies 3
T BigSec Security and privacy for Big Data and Cloud 3
G CSE The challenges of a sustainable economy 3
T WebInt Interaction Design and Development of Modern Web Applications 3
T InfoTheo Information theory 5
T NetMod Network Modeling 5
T SysSec System and Network Security 5
T SecCom Secure communications 5
T SSP Statistical signal processing 5
G TeamLead Personal Development and Team Leadership 5
T Optim Optimization Theory with Applications 3
T UMLEmb Designing embedded systems with UML 3
G ManagIntro Introduction to management 5
T OS Operating systems 5
T MobServ Mobile application and services 5
T MobCom Mobile communication techniques 5
T MathEng Essential Mathematical Methods for Engineers 3
T SoftDev Software development methodologies 3
T NetSoft Network Softwerization 3
T DeepLearning Deep Learning 3
T ASI Advanced Statistical Inference 5
T AML Algorithmic Machine Learning 3
T Speech Speech and audio processing 3
T Forensics Cyber-crime and Computer Forensics 5
T WebSem Semantic Web and Information Extraction technologies 3
T 3DGraph 3-D and virtual imaging (analysis and synthesis) 5
T DigitalSystems Digital systems, hardware - software integration 5
T ProtIOT Iot Communication Protocols 3
T APPIOT Iot Application Protocols 3
G Business Business Simulation 5
G TeamLead Personal Development and Team Leadership 5
T MALCOM Machine Learning for Communication systems 5
T HWSec Hardware Security 3
T Net_Sec Network Security: practical hands on approach" 3
T SP4COM Signal Processing for Communications 5
T FormalMet FormalMethods-Formal specification and verification of systems 3
T CompMeth Computational Methods for digital communications 5
G ProjMan Project management 5
G SATT Sociological Approaches of Telecom Technologies 3
T MobAdv Mobile Advanced Networks 3
T MobWat Wireless Access Technologies 3
T ImSecu Imaging Security 3