European Double Degree Masters

Internationally recognized as a leading teaching and research institution in ICT, EURECOM is proud to be partner of 3 new Double Degree Master programs within renowned institutions such as the European Commission (Erasmus Mundus) and the European Institute of Technology (EIT Digital). 


In partnership with other prestigious European universities, EURECOM proposes a two-years double degree program in:

After 2 semesters (year 1) in an entry university, EURECOM, renowned for its great expertise in digital science, has been chosen as an exit university (year 2) to specialize in Big Data Security (SECCLO), Sensing, Communicating and Processing Big Data for Autonomous Systems (AUS); and Mobile and Cloud Security (CSE).


These programs lead into 2 national Master of Science degrees (double degree): one from EURECOM-IMT and one from the partner universities (+1 EIT Certificate in the case of the EIT Digital program).