EURECOM does not have on-campus residences but our admission office helps its future students find accommodation by providing them access to database of offers. Students are responsible for their final choice of accomodation and should be aware of all the conditions before signing a housing contract.


The average monthly cost of accomodation depends on the type and size of flat. Prices start at 362€ for a fully furnished flat in a Student Public Residence (run by CROUS) to 650€ in the private sector. Flat-sharing options prove more affordable. Students should make sure whether charges (heating, water, electricity) are included or not in the rent. Prices paid for non included charges usually amount to 60-70€ / month.


Students are strongly advised to refer to us for any doubt or questions before signing a housing contract to be sure it complies with the law. Please find an example of housing contract. 

Students need to follow compulsory steps before moving in a flat in France such



You are a future student of EURECOM, use the school's housing platform on which you will be able to:

  • Find a rental close to the campus
  • Find your international or French roommate(s) and form shared rentals
  • Find a subletting
  • Find a room in a French family (ideal for the experience).



Already Students at EURECOM?

Log into the platform by clicking on “Student login” then on “Connection with intranet”

Newly Admitted students?

Create your account with your personal information (email + password) then validate your account using the enrollment key provided by EURECOM.


You can place your ads directly on the platform thanks to the landlord tab.



EURECOM is located in the commune of BIOT at the heart of Sophia Antipolis, EUROPE’s largest technology park, northwest of ANTIBES (8km) and CANNES (15km) and southwest of NICE (22km). Sophia Antipolis falls within the communes of Valbonne, Mougins, Biot, Vallauris and Antibes. Other towns such as Vallauris, Grasse or Mougins are only accessible with a car.


  • ANTIBES (35-50 min by bus from EURECOM)

The majority of EURECOM’ students live in ANTIBES/JUAN LES PINS, pleasant city by the seashore and major touristic spot of the French Rivieria, well distributed with public buses. http://www.antibesjuanlespins.com/en


  • BIOT / VALBONNE (15-30 min bus)

The second biggest group of students live in BIOT and VALBONNE. The communes are located in the hills and close to EURECOM. They provide less social activities than Antibes but enjoy a very calm and safe environment for studies.

http://www.visit-biot.com/   http://www.tourisme-valbonne.com/


  • NICE (45min - 1h by bus)

Nice is the biggest city of the French Riviera and provides many cultural activities and hosts France’ second international airport. There are frequent buses from Nice to EURECOM but traffic jams can be heavy.  http://www.nicetourisme.com/