• FILIPPONE Maurizio
  • EURECOM - Data Science
  • Professor
  • 04 93 00 81 35
  • 419

Current Research Topics

  • Development of practical and scalable Bayesian inference methods for Gaussian Process-based statistical models.
  • Statistical methods for early stage diagnosis of neurological disorders based on neuroimaging data.
  • Bayesian inference in mechanistic models applied to systems biology.

Current Research Interest

  • Probabilistic Machine Learning

  • Computational Statistics

  • Bayesian Inference
  • Gaussian Processes

Current Research Memberships

  • Over the past few years, Dr Filippone has been invited to present his work in several world class universities, such as Oxford University (2015), Columbia University (2014, 2009), University of Edinburgh (2014, 2009), University of Sheffield (2015), and Bristol University (2014)
  • He also acted as a Keynote speaker for the Conference on Electronics, Telecommunications and Computers (CETC) in 2013.
  • Dr Filippone serves as an Associate Editor for "Pattern Recognition" and the "IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems".