Personal Development and Team Leadership


This course consists of three essential elements:

(1)     'Know yourself' - understanding the drivers of your own behavior. This is the basis of any personal development and is critical for developing effective interaction with others whether as a team member, or as a team leader.

(2)    'Working with others' - building on the self-knowledge mentioned above, this core element allows you to explore, understand, and practice ways of working with others that are both more enjoyable and more effective. This is critical given that almost everyone works as part of a team.

(3)    'What's next?' - building on both the above sections, this element helps you take the next steps in your career: setting objectives, selecting target organizations, applying for jobs, and effective interviewing.

Teaching and Learning Methods: Lectures, team exercises, and presentations

Course Policies: On-time class attendance is mandatory; three unapproved absences mean exclusion.