Intellectual property law


This course provides a solid introduction to intellectual property law from a managerial and strategic perspective taking an international and comparative approach.

The course is the study of how companies protect innovations   in order to create value for the company

Teaching and Learning Methods : Lectures and cases  sessions (group of 4 students)

Course Policies : Attendance to Lab session is mandatory.


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Basic knowledge in Business Law 

  • Various topics  :

    Learning outcomes:

    After having taken this course participants will be able to:

    • Protecting innovation through secrecy : managerial issues in dealing with trade secrets
    • Protecting innovation through patents: economic justification for patent protection Principles of patent law (national, European, international) Getting access to patent protection (substantive issues); strengths and weaknesses of patent protection
    • Aesthetic creations and I.P. protection
    • Design and trademarks, principles of trademark law: managerial issues in dealing with trademarks; merchandising and the fashion & luxury industry
    • Transfer of technology by contract, License agreements and assignments
    • To manage intellectual property (I.P.) in a knowledge-based society;
    • To understand value of innovation  and various protections
    • To develop  strategic use of I.P;  and understand IP's competitive advantage .
    • To develop skills of Managing I.P. and technology in an international context: various topics 

Nb hours: 21.00

Grading Policy: oral  report (50%), open book Final Exam (50%)