General introduction to law : contracts, setting up a business


This course provides a solid introduction to European Business law from a managerial and strategic perspective taking an international and comparative approach.The course is the study of how companies manage legal perspectives    in order to create value for the company through corporate and contract issues.The course will focus on the main laws that regulate various aspects of establishing and running a business within the European Union.

Teaching and Learning Methods :


- To acquire basic legal knowledge in European Business law

- To have an overview of the company set up process

- To learn about the majors principles of contract law

With cases,  materials  and theoretical approach   

Course Policies :  Course lectures

Adversary style debates

Case Studies


A wide range of European website




 - General introduction Overview of contract law Essential legal definitions

- Types of contract Overview of various contracts Contract rules Primary clauses Frequent clauses and their consequences

Setting up a business - Introduction to corporate law Overview of corporate law Overview of corporate structures - advantages/disadvantages - Creating a business Legal aspects - Hiring your first employee- developing data base with legal perspectives.

Learning outcomes 

After having taken this course participants will be able to:

  • Navigate EU legal sources  and Understand   the European legal environment: the course examine the core structures and principles of the European Union as well as the main sources of law

·         Understand relevant laws and regulations governing the internal European Union market

·          Understand EU policies and their influence on foreign trade and investment

  • Develop strategic use of legal instruments to setup a business   and doing business in Europe,

Nb of hours: 21h

Grading Policy : Control form: open book exam   2H30, oral presentation