Let's innov !


This course aims to raise students' awareness of the entrepreneurial posture and practice by allowing them to discover the cognitive and operational process that underlies the transformation of an idea into a viable and sustainable project. 

Teaching and learning methods:

The course is organized in the form of a 'full immersion' seminar, which will occupy the students full time for a short week (3 full days + 1 half day). 

he course will focus on real-life cases.  Students will work in groups of 3 to 4 people, on real projects submitted by the participants. Prior to the course, each participant is asked to think about a topic or an idea that he/she would like to explore further. It can be a real business creation project or an idea that the student would like to explore further. 
Each participant will present his/her idea in 2 minutes maximum to the whole group during the Ice-Breaker session that will take place during the first morning of the session. Each student will have to choose the project they want to work on to form teams of 3 or 4 people (not all projects can be worked on during the course).
Course Policy: Attendance and punctuality to all course sessions is mandatory.


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"From idea to project: Business Modeling and innovative project developmentLearning outcomes"

The course aims to:

- Raise awareness of a specific posture and questioning in terms of innovation.
- Transfer skills in the management of innovative projects
- Co-design a strategy for bringing ideas to market.

Nb hours: 21

Grading: Note on the summary document and the quality of the end of session pitch