About Me

Since July 2019, I am an assistant professor in the Data Science department at EURECOM.

Before this, I led the research team within the AI research department at Amadeus, France, I was a Senior Research Associate at University College London, UK, and a post-doctoral fellow at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France. I have a PhD in image processing from Université Claude Bernard Lyon I, France and Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. I also hold an honorary lecturer position at Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

My current research focuses on the development of reliable machine learning techniques that can be safely used in high risk domains such as healthcare.


  • 03-10-2020: The MICCAI 2020 proceedings are now available online
  • 23-08-2020: Congratulations to Ma Da for his Neuroimage publication
  • 10-08-2020: We have published the implementation of USAD, our paper on anomaly detection for multivariate time series. Check it here
  • 26-06-2020: The platform "The Startup", the most followed publication in Medium (~660K followers) has requested to publish our showcase research blog article
  • 25-06-2020: The showcase research blog article in Medium has been has been selected by Medium curators for the topic "Artificial Intelligence" and will be recommended to all its users

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