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Access Control

This project addresses access control from an application integration perspective as well as from a practical infrastructure deployment perspective. Implementations are being realized using X.509v3, SPKI, application firewalls, XML, etc.



  • Enabling Adaptive and Secure Extranets - Yves Roudier, Olivier Fouache, Pierre Vannel, and Refik Molva. in Proceedings of The 6th IFIP Communications and Multimedia Security Conference (CMS'02), Portorosz, Slovenia, September 26th-27th, 2002.
  • Inter-Domain authorization and delegation for business-to-business e-commerce. Michiardi, R. Molva. eBusiness & eWork 2001. Venice, Italy, October 17th-19th, 2001
  • SEVA: Securing Extranets(overview). Yves Roudier and Refik Molva. April 2002
  • SEVA: a framework to dynamically set up and run secure extranet - Pierre Vannel and Yves Roudier - eBusiness & eWork 2001. Venice, Italy, October 17th-19th, 2001.
  • A Distributed Access Control Model for Java. Refik Molva and Yves Roudier. In Proceedings of ESORICS 2000 (European Symposium On Research In Computer Security), Toulouse, France, October 2000.


  • RNRT Project SEVA (Sécurisation d'Extranets Virtuels par des Agents intelligents)
  • RNRT Project I-CARE (Infrastructure de Confiance sur des Architectures de Réseaux Internet et Mobile)

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