Navid Nikaein

Associate Professor, HDR, Communication System Department, Eurecom.

Navid Nikaein, Assistant Professor, Communication System, Eurecom.

I am an associate professor in communication systems department at Eurecom since 2018, where I am exploring ideas stem from both fundamental and experimental system research related to radio access and core networks (RAN and CN) with a blend of communication, computing, and data analysis in divers settings such as cellular, mesh, and cloud with practical use-cases.

I am coordinating the initiative, whose goal is to provide a software-based 4G/5G service delivery platform as well as leading the development of the 4G->5G radio access networks of OpenAirInterface wireless technology platform. Current focus is on RAN data mining and analytics to enable self-adaptive data-driven mobile networks. Checkout out the code base at OpenAirInterface and

In terms of innovation service, I am a member of Telecom ParisTech Incubator on behalf of Eurecom, and provide supports to startups.

Past Timelins

Area of Interests

  • Data-driven control and orchestration in 5G

  • Cloud-native and programmable RAN and CN(SDN, NFV)

  • Edge packet services and RAN/CN data mining and analytics

  • Fronthaul and backhaul transport networks

  • Design and development of flexible HW/SW platforms for 4G/5G

  • Machine-type communication / IoT

  • Public safety networks / moving cells

  • Vehicle-to-network


  • OpenAirInterface Training - (2011- present)

  • Mobile AdHoc Networks - 2005

Funded Projects




PostDocs/R&D Engineers

  • Osama Arouk RAN/CN service chain placement - in collaboration with Thierry Turletti

  • Tien-Thinh Nguyen 5G Core Network and SDN-based MEC platform

  • Xenofon Vasilakos Cognitive Management in Mobile Networks

  • Konstantinos Alexandris Network Abstraction and Control applications

  • Nasim Ferdosi RAN Analytics and Performance Optimization

Ph.D. Students

  • Chia-Yu Chang Flexible Fucntional Split, Slicing in disaggregated RAN

  • Robert Schmidt User-centric Slicing in 5G-NR and Net Neutrality


  • Konstantinos Alexandris (Ph.D Telecom ParisTech, 2014-2018), Network Abstraction/Graph, Mobility Management in 5G network, now at Eurecom

  • Anta Huang Mobile Edge Computing Platform and UP Programmability

  • Romain Favraud (Ph.D Telecom ParisTech, 2015-2018), self-programmable moving-cells in maritime environment - now at OrangeLab Romania

  • Nikolaos Sapountzis Energy and load optimizations for small cell networks - co-supervised with Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos, now at University of Florida in the FICS group

  • Kostas Katsalis RAN slicing and Juju-based Orchestration (2015-2017)- now at Huawei Munich

  • Aikaterini Trilyraki Ethernet Fronthaul and Soft RRH GW (2015-2016)

  • Bilel Ben Romdhanne (Ph.D Telecom ParisTech, 2011-2013), now at Moviken, Nice/France

  • Kaiji Zhou (Ph.D Telecom ParisTech, 2011-2013), now at Huawei, Shanghai/China

  • Daniel Camara (PostDoc, 2010-2011), now research fellow at Telecom ParisTech, Sophia-Antipolis/France

  • Lusheng Wang (PostDoc, 2011-2012), now Assistant Prof. at Hefei University of Technology, China

  • Aymen Hafsaoui (PostDoc, 2011-2013)

Selected Publications

4G-5G Service Delivery Platforms

Cloud-Native Radio Access Network

Public Safety

Machine-type communication in LTE/LTE-A

Latency in LTE

Complete list of publications could be fount at: [Eurecom DB], [Google Scholar], [DBLP].