Internet Architectures and Protocols (Netw_II)

The next TP (Lab ) will be on Monday, May 19, 2014, in salle 55
Please print and read the description of the TP before coming to the session.
Organize in groups of two students
Presence is mandatory!
For more info see below.


  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of a Web session
  • Fundamentals of transport protocols:
  • TCP Introduction:
  • TCP Advanced:
  • Reliable Multicast
  • Routing and Forwarding:
  • Layer4 filter
  • Scheduling
  • Buffer management
  • Packet Switch (Router) Design
  • Ground Rules

  • Homeworks and Quizes will count 25% towards final grade
  • No collaboration is allowed on the homeworks exept if indicated otherwise
  • Everybody is required to do the Quizes and Homeworks and be present at the TPs
  • Final Exam will count 75% towards final grade. Final exam will be closed books.
  • For the final Exam you will be allowed one page A4 with handwritten notes on both sides.
  • Put homeworks into a box outside of the room 383
  • You can get any missing document by sending me e-mail
  • If you have questions, please see me after the course or send me an e-mail to set up an appointment
  • Whenever you need to plot figures, please respect the following guidelines How to Plot figures
  • Homeworks and Quizes

    HW #1 (Web Browsing Analysis), due March 14, 2014 at 12h in box outside of office 383

    For this HW you need to install a virtual machine and SW on your computer that is very big (several GigaBytes). Please go with your computer to the reception of Eurecom, ask for the memory stick with the SW and copy it on your computer and return immediately the memory stick.
    Note: The document with the TP description and a manual is also on the USB key.
    Please download and read this document Web Browsing: Reading and Tools

    HW #2 on TCP trace analysis: due May 30, 2014, 12h

    Material for Lab Sessions

    Lab #1: TCP dump analysis (May 19, 2014)


  • Ilya Grigorik: High Performance Browser Networking
  • This book is accessible for free on the Web and in our Library; I will ask you to read some of the chapters.
    Some other good books:
  • G. Varghese: Network Algorithmics, Elsevier 2005 (very nice book)
  • J. Kurose and K. Ross: Computer Networking, Prentice Hall Int. (covers pre-requisits for this course)
  • D. Medhi and K. Ramasamy: Network Routing: Algorithms, Protocols, and Architectures, Morgan and Kaufmann Publ., 2008 (nice on forwarding lookup and classification )