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During a symposiumorganized onSeptember 30, 2011 inSophia Antipolis,
BMW, the emblematic automobile manufacturer and EURECOM presented
the result of six years of collaboration
in the area of intelligent transport
systems. BMW Forschung und
experimental BMWX5 equipped with
a Software Defined Radio platform
prototype to facilitate its research.
EURECOMandBMW, awinning combination!
october 2011
Science Showcased in Sophia
Once again, EURECOM
participated in the 2011 edition
of the Fête de la Science.
Experiments, games, exchanges
with researchers were
organized to highlight the work
of EURECOM’s researchers.
This year’s topics centered on
intelligent transport systems, soft
biometrics and ICTs for senior
citizens with the Alias robot.
EURECOMand theG20
Alongside the G20 held in Cannes on November 2-3, the B20 (Business
20) meeting gathered the heads of the employers’ organizations of the
G20 countries and leaders of global businesses.
The French employer organization - MEDEF - had
asked leaders from the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur
region to assist CEOs fromabroad. Ulrich Finger
was able tomeet with international managers
and to attend the B20 plenary sessions where
CEOs fromaround the world shared their best practices and their
desire for a better economic cooperation between the States.
EURECOMcelebrates its 20
Visit fromthe CTI
Members of the Commission des Titres
d’Ingérnieurs (CTI) met with representatives
from EURECOM’s services and students for a
global audit on teaching and research. Originally
scheduled to renew TélécomParisTech’s
accreditation, the visit was also the opportunity
to reflect on a future EURECOM specialty degree. Members of the
commission examined the various curricula taught at EURECOM and
appreciated the quality of their content as well as other aspects such
as the environment and the school’s strategy andmotivation.
ADM: anewacademic partner.
During its December 6
meeting, the Assembly
of Members validated the
admission of the VietnamNational University in Ho Chi Minh as academic
partner starting January 1
, 2012.
A year in review
Jean-LucDugelay, new IEEEFellow
The IEEE Fellowwas awarded to Professor Jean-Luc Dugelay, Head of the
Image Group of the Multimedia Communications Department, for his
work on 3D imaging and biometrics applications for personal security.
december2011 Anewshowcase for EURECOM
EURECOM’s newwebsite is the result of
a successful collaboration between its IT
services and a start-up created by two
graduates from the 2002 Class. The site
boasts a new graphic design. Its content
and presentation have also been updated,
and new features have been added.
2011annual report 5