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Information capacity and power control in single-cell multiuser communications

Knopp, Raymond; Humblet, Pierre A

ICC 1995, IEEE International Conference on Communications, June 18-22, 1995, Seattle, USA

We consider a power control scheme for maximizing the information capacity of the uplink in single-cell multiuser communications with frequency-flat fading, under the assumption that the users attenuations are measured perfectly. Its main characteristics are that only one user transmits over the entire bandwidth at any particular time instant and that the users are allocated more power when their channels are good, and less when they are bad. Moreover, these features are independent of the statistics of the fading. Numerical results are presented for the case of single-path Rayleigh fading. We show that an increase in capacity over a perfectly-power controlled (Gaussian) channel can be achieved, especially if the number of users is large. By examining the bit error-rate with antipodal signalling, we show the inherent diversity in multiuser communications over fading channels.

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Titre:Information capacity and power control in single-cell multiuser communications
Mots Clés:cellular radio; diversity reception; land mobile radio; telecommunication control; power control; channel capacity; fading; Rayleigh channels; error statistics; radio links; radiowave propagation; power control; information capacity; single-cell multiuser communications; uplink; frequency flat fading; attenuation measurement; bandwidth; numerical results; single-path Rayleigh fading; perfectly-power controlled channel; Gaussian channel; bit error rate; antipodal signalling; diversity; fading channels; channel capacity; multiuser channel
Département:Systèmes de Communication
Eurecom ref:581
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