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5G control apps: Enabling multiservice programmability in a disaggregated radio access network

Chang, Chia-Yu; Nikaein, Navid

IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, Vol.: PP, N°99

Network slicing is one of the key enablers in providing the required flexibility for realizing the service-oriented 5G vision and achieving the desired levels of isolation and sharing spanning multiple subnets, i.e., core network, transport network and radio access network (RAN). In this article, we highlight the design elements of a proposed RAN runtime slicing system to enable flexible slice customization on top of disaggregated RAN infrastructures. Moreover, a runtime software development kit (SDK) is introduced to facilitate the development of agile control applications able to monitor, control, and program the underlying RAN modules. Also, we highlight the chaining of single- and cross-domain control applications to form the application plane and implement sophisticated control logics. Finally, a prototype of the proposed RAN runtime and the runtime SDK is provided based on the OpenAirInterface and Mosaic5G platforms to demonstrate how slicing and programmability can be achieved in two use cases.

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Titre:5G control apps: Enabling multiservice programmability in a disaggregated radio access network
Mots Clés:RAN slicing, 5G, Multi-service chaining, Control application, SDK, API
Département:Systèmes de Communication
Eurecom ref:5686
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