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On the effectiveness of the national do-not-call registries

Sahin, Merve; Francillon, Aurélien

CONPRO 2018, Workshop on Technology and Consumer Protection, Co-located with the 39th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, 24 May 2018, San Fransisco, CA, USA

Voice spam is a significant problem worldwide. In this paper, we observe some aspects of the voice spam ecosystem in Europe using a telephony honeypot with 800 phone numbers from 8 European countries over a period of 3 years. Unlike previous honeypots, the numbers were never assigned to a real user before being added to the honeypot. The specific nature of this honeypot allows us to focus on illegitimate calls. Indeed, as the numbers were never used by real users, no consent to telemarketing has ever been given. In particular, we present an experiment we conduct on National Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists and the effects of registering to such lists. We find that the phone numbers added to DNC lists receive a lower number of spam calls both in Spain and the UK. However, we also show anecdotal evidence that the DNC list in the UK is abused by spammers. Finally, we discuss the effectiveness of DNC lists by reviewing various implementation challenges and comparing the existing approaches.

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Titre:On the effectiveness of the national do-not-call registries
Ville:San Francisco
Département:Sécurité numérique
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