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The future of V2X: Where we are and where we are going

Härri, Jérôme; Patil, Shailesh; Spaanderman, Paul

VNC 2017, Panel in IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference, November 27-29, 2017, Torino, Italy

Connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) deployment is rapidly accelerating; as cars become loaded with sensors and artificial intelligence, the need for connectivity between vehicles and from the vehicle to infrastructure and networks is increasing as well. In this panel, we will have experts from both ITS-G5/DSRC and 3GPP/Cellular-V2X present the current state of work in V2X communication and where research and development is headed over the coming years. There will be a discussion period where the audience can interact with the panel.

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Titre:The future of V2X: Where we are and where we are going
Département:Systèmes de Communication
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