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Learning radio maps for UAV-aided wireless networks: A segmented regression approach

Chen, Junting; Yatnalli, Uday; Gesbert, David

ICC 2017, IEEE International Conference on Communications, IEEE ICC 2017 Signal Processing for Communications Symposium, 21-25 May 2017, Paris, France

This paper targets the promising area of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-assisted wireless networking, by which communication-enabled robots operate as flying wireless relays to help fill coverage or capacity gaps in the networks. In order to feed the UAV's autonomous path planning and positioning algorithm, a radio map is exploited, which must be, in practice, reconstructed from UAV-based measurements from a limited subset of locations. Unlike existing methods that ignore the segmented propagation structure of the radio map, this paper proposes a machine learning approach to reconstruct a finely structured map by exploiting both segmentation and signal strength models. A data clustering and parameter estimation problem is formulated using a maximum likelihood approach, and solved by an iterative clustering and regression algorithm. Numerical results demonstrate significant performance advantage in radio map reconstruction as compared to the baseline.

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Titre:Learning radio maps for UAV-aided wireless networks: A segmented regression approach
Département:Systèmes de Communication
Eurecom ref:5224
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