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An IoT framework for intelligent roadside assistance system

Datta, Soumya Kanti; Bonnet, Christian

ICCE-TW 2017, IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, June 12-14, 2017, Taiwan

The connected road infrastructure and roadside assistance services constitute an important consumer market segment in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and Smart Cities. A closer look at available such services reveal the presence of data silos, heterogeneity and lack of interoperability. They affect the overall consumer experience and increase the cost of service development & maintenance. This paper proposes an IoT framework for next generation, intelligent roadside assistance system. A data centric architecture is presented along with solutions of the mentioned challenges.

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Titre:An IoT framework for intelligent roadside assistance system
Mots Clés:Consumer IoT; Data centric architecture; Intelligent Roadside system; Interoperability
Département:Systèmes de Communication
Eurecom ref:5197
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