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IOStack: Software-defined object storage

R. Gracia-Tinedo ; P. Garcia-Lopez ; M. Sanchez-Artigas ; J. Sampe

IEEE Internet Computing, 18 Mars 2016, Vol. PP, N°99, ISSN: 1089-7801

The complexity and scale of today's cloud storage systems is growing fast. In response to these challenges, Software-Defined Storage (SDS) has recently become a prime candidate to simplify storage management in the cloud. This article presents IOStack: The first SDS architecture for object stores (OpenStack Swift). At the control plane, the provisioning of SDS services to tenants is made according to a set of policies managed via a high-level DSL. Policies may target storage automation and/or specific SLA objectives. At the data plane, policies define the enforcement of SDS services, namely filters, on a tenant's requests. Moreover, IOStack is a framework to build a variety of filters, ranging from general-purpose computations close to the data to specialized data management mechanisms. Our experiments illustrate that IOStack enables easy and effective policy-based provisioning, which can significantly improve the operation of a multi-tenant object store.

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Titre:IOStack: Software-defined object storage
Département:Data Science
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