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Methodological approach to security awareness program

Tasevski, Predrag

CyberSecurity for the Next Generation 2013 Conference, 10-12 December 2013, Milano, Italy

Currently, humans coupled with the socio-technical aspect can be either the strongest or the weakest link in any information security, and the key in security lies in delivering awareness training through short and effective online videos, whereby the participator can gain knowledge on security. Our aim, therefore, is to develop innovative solutions to deliver an interactive cybersecurity awareness program, where the main goal is to enhance information on security awareness and knowledge in organizations, schools, nations, homes etc. The syllabus that we present consists of a unique systematic approach divided into three target groups: basic, advance and management. Also we present a different method in measuring the knowledge of each participant, and compare it to the base-line survey carried out during the registration. Our results show the participant's awareness level of knowledge. By implementing this program in private and public organizations, governments, schools and universities will lead to the improvement of IT security awareness levels in the everyday use of computers, mobile phones, online banking, and social networking - both at home and in the workplace.

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Titre:Methodological approach to security awareness program
Mots Clés:cybersecurity, awareness, socio-technical, human factor, syllabus, security
Département:Sécurité numérique
Eurecom ref:4727
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