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Transmission of correlated Gaussian samples in a multiple-access channel

Unsal, Ayse; Knopp, Raymond

CISS 2014, 48th Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, March 19-21, 2014, Princeton, USA

This paper provides lower bounds on the reconstruction error for transmission of two continuous correlated random vectors sent over a sum channel using the help of two causal feedback links from the decoder to the encoders connected to each sensor. This construction is considered for standard normally distributed sources. Additionally, a two-way retransmission protocol, which is a non-coherent dual-source adaptation of the original work by Yamamoto [1] is introduced for an additive white Gaussian noise channel. Asymptotic optimality of the protocol is analyzed and upper bounds on the distortion level are derived for two-rounds considering two extreme cases of high and low correlation among the two sources. It is shown by both the upper and lower-bounds that collaboration can be achieved through energy accumulation.

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Titre:Transmission of correlated Gaussian samples in a multiple-access channel
Mots Clés:Distributed communication, joint source channel coding, detection/estimation, multiple-access channel (MAC)
Département:Systèmes de Communication
Eurecom ref:4225
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